Download our AR and VR sample book.

See how we use AR and VR to connect brands with their audiences.

Augmented reality (AR) uses your mobile device’s camera to provide a view of the real world that’s overlaid with elements like video, sound, 3D graphics, or information. We use it to launch customers from print to digital so we can continue the conversation across digital channels.

Virtual reality (VR) uses a headset to transport the viewer to a different environment. We use it to tell engaging stories, create memories, or teach new things to maximize knowledge retention.

Download Explore AR and VR to learn more about our approach and see examples of these technologies at work in:

  • Tradeshows and special events
  • Training and education
  • Sales and marketing collateral

This sample book goes hand-in-hand with Trekk's Paper to Pixels app. For the full experience, download Explore AR and VR and Paper to Pixels from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.